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Created by Dave Gandy

Font Awesome 5
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35,550 backers pledged $1,076,960.14 on Kickstarter

Raised in Kickstarter
$1,076,960.14 / 35,550 backers
Raised in BackerKit
$55,416.00 / 33,263 backers

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New 16px Grid System

  • New 16px base size (same as Bootstrap 4 base font size)
  • Every icon on new grid system for consistency throughout the set 
  • Better readability at smallest size
  • More consistent visual design
  • No font descender for easier vertical positioning

Brand New CSS

  • Easier stacking - Flexbox to the rescue!
  • More & re-designed animations
  • All CSS from scratch!









  • Our T-shirts will be softest and snuggliest, made from the finest American Apparel model 2001 Fine Jersey Crew Crewneck Tees. You'll never want to take them off. But you probably should at some point. Just sayin'.
  • For our mugs, we're partnering with the revered Emalco. Their enamelware is made using a centuries-old process where powdered glass and pigment is fired at 1500°F and fused onto a steel substrate. This creates gorgeous and insanely durable mugs with a dash of unique character. Your $30 Font Awesome mug might just outlast us all. 
  • Final designs will be chosen by our backer community.



Funded!!! We’ll add our most-awesome Pro-only code features (but not the Pro icons) to Font Awesome Free! That means we’ll open source our super-awesome SVG Framework AND we’ll make all of our JavaScript component packages available as well! More sprinkles for everyone!

Funded! For React, Angular, Ember.js, and Vue.js, we’ll make framework-native JavaScript components installable through your favorite package manager (npm, yarn) for FA Pro. Free for all of our Pro backers!

Funded! All Pro backers get exclusive, permanent access to the Font Awesome Community, which we're building from scratch. We'll be including user forums, voting, and more! Help decide which icons go into Font Awesome 5 AND show off your site, discuss ideas, and get help with Font Awesome from the community!

Funded! We're expanding the Duotone icon set to 600 icons. That's basically the current size of all of Font Awesome Free!

AND everyone ordering T-shirts and mugs will get three styles to choose from (instead of just one) AND we'll also throw in limited-edition, exclusive Font Awesome 5 sticker sheets AND magnets!

Funded! Just like Font Awesome CDN, we'll make it easy to serve up Font Awesome Pro with our CDN. No files to mess with. AND you'll be able to load just the icon packs your site uses to keep your pages slim and speedy. We're giving all Pro backers a year of the service!

Funded! We'll make it easy to use Font Awesome Pro in your iOS or Android app. Free for all of our Pro backers. AND we'll open source iOS and Android support for Font Awesome Free as well!

Funded! Font Awesome already includes a solid and outlined style for nearly every icon. If we hit $400k, we'll add an additional style that's a lighter weight of our outlined icons. Free for all of our Pro Backers!

Funded! We'll include a desktop tool that allows you to create your own custom package of Font Awesome Pro! You'll easily be able to assemble just the icons you need to keep your site blazing fast! Free for all of our Pro backers!

Funded! We'll include basic SVG files for free in Font Awesome 5 Free! This won't include any of our SVG framework magic, but should make using Font Awesome Free easier on the desktop and for folks who love SVG!

Funded! We'll make it easy to use Font Awesome Pro in some of your favorite design tools, like Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Free for all of our Pro backers!

Funded! While creating Font Awesome 5, we'll be writing and blogging about our process. At the end, we'll assemble all the articles into an eBook and distribute for free to all of our Pro backers!

Funded! For the top 200 icons in Font Awesome, we'll create an exclusive duotone icon set for our Pro backers! Same Font Awesome ease of use, super-cool duotone effects!

46 Icon Packs Funded! For every icon category pack, we'll add 10 more icons to Font Awesome Free and another 30 more icons to Font Awesome Pro. These icon packs are available for free for all Pro backers, but will cost $10 each after the Kickstarter. Support now and save!


Personal / Small Business License

  • Covers individuals or small businesses with up to 100 employees.
  • License follows the person or business.
  • If the project is for personal use, the person should have a license. If the project is for a business, the business should have a license.
  • Use on as many projects (web app/site, iOS app, etc.) as you like.
  • Don’t use in a theme or re-distribute.
  • License is transferable.
  • For greater than 100 employees, buy multiple small business licenses. Enterprise licenses are available for up to 3,000 employees (see below).

Student / Non-Profit License

  • Covers individual students for personal projects OR non-profit organizations of any size.
  • Use on as many projects (web app/site, iOS app, etc.) as you like.
  • Don’t use in a theme or re-distribute.
  • License is transferable.

Enterprise / Company License

  • Covers companies up to 3,000 employees.
  • License follows the company. If the project is for personal use, the person should have a license. If the project is for a company, the company should have a license.
  • Use on as many projects (web app/site, iOS app, etc.) as you like.
  • Don’t use in a theme or re-distribute.
  • For greater than 3,000 employees, buy multiple enterprise licenses.

Theme License

  • Allows use in a single theme that you can re-sell. For multiple themes, buy multiple licenses.
  • Cannot re-distribute Font Awesome Pro except embedded in your theme.
  • Grants a single personal / small business license for theme buyer to use Font Awesome Pro as a part of your theme (not outside).


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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Changes to Mug Designs, Invoices, & Early Access!
10 days ago – Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 11:03:22 PM

Changes to Mug Designs

First, our apologies. There was a mis-communication with our mug supplier in Poland, and we're more limited in mug colors than we thought (we thought all Pantone colors were available). Also, we've simplified the mug design with the Font Awesome 5 style and we think it looks much cleaner. 

So we've adjusted the mug designs accordingly, and here they are! Want to change your mind on which mug you want to order? No problem! Just login to BackerKit and make changes!




For folks who requested invoices before January 1, we've sent invoices (instructions in previous email). For everyone else who needs invoices, they will be available shortly in your Font Awesome account. Expect an email sometime next week for instructions with setting up your account. These will be sent to the email you used for Kickstarter or BackerKit Pre-orders.

Early Access

When you set up your Font Awesome account, you'll be taken through steps to connect your GitHub credentials to the private Font Awesome Pro repo. You'll get earlier access than anyone else to changes and updates to the project. This means you'll be able to immediately download an early version a few Font Awesome Pro icons! Again, stay tuned sometime next week for that Font Awesome account email invitation.

BackerKit and Invoices
24 days ago – Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 09:52:39 PM


About 80% of you have answered your BackerKit survey (which we need to send your rewards!), which is fantastic! As a reminder, this is the last chance you'll have to get Font Awesome Pro Personal / SMB licenses for just $20! (Licenses are gift-able and transferable.)

But just to be clear, when you fill out the BackerKit survey you do not need to purchase anything else at all. (Unless your pledge failed through Kickstarter, of course.) This survey is just to collect all final information from our backers so we can start sending your rewards. If you purchased a second copy you do not want, contact the folks at BackerKit and they'll be happy to do a refund!


When we send invites for your Font Awesome account, you'll be able to generate invoices for all purchases (Kickstarter and BackerKit). But for those of you that absolutely must have invoices by the end of the year, we can help. Please send an email to with the subject "Invoice Request" and include all your all contact and tax information that you need listed.

We'll try to send them back within 24 hours of the request. But please use this sparingly, as any time we spend on invoices is time we DO NOT spend designing icons. :)

Timeline, surveys, invoices, dropped pledges, and more!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 11:23:54 PM

Okay, folks. We've got a lot to talk about in this update. PLEASE read all of it so you don't miss anything.


Earlier this month, the entire Font Awesome team (Dave, Travis, Rob, & Brian) got together to plan out this awesome, huge project that is Font Awesome 5 Free and Pro. We're going to be very careful about what we commit to, as we want to be able to actually deliver what we say when we say it. And we'll keep you updated all along the way.

With that in mind, we're going to re-iterate the expectations for the May 2017 Font Awesome 5 delivery date. We'll be delivering all original Kickstarter commitments, including a few extras:

  • All 675 Font Awesome Free icons re-designed from scratch on a 16 pixel grid
  • Brand new SVG Framework (Free & Pro)
  • Supporting CSS re-written from scratch (Free & Pro)
  • New icons (1,000 in Pro)
  • New icon category packs x6 (60 icons in Free, 180 in Pro)
  • Sponsored icon category packs x4 (80 in Free, 120 in Pro)
  • Commissioned icons (83 in Free & Pro)
  • Company logos (69 in Free & Pro)
  • Online documentation updated and completely redesigned for ease of use (Free & Pro)
  • Access to the GitHub private repo to follow along with our progress
  • account for all backers (print invoices, connect GitHub, & more)
  • All mugs, t-shirts, magnets, & stickers shipped to backers

That's a ton of work. Stay tuned here on Kickstarter for the updates. In order for us to hit this timeline, we're going to be heads-down focused on the work. This means if you ask us a question that's already answered in an update, we're likely not going to have the time to reply. We're not doing this to be jerks. We just want to make absolutely sure we deliver on-time! 


Later this week, we should be sending out surveys via Backerkit. You'll be able to choose your mugs or t-shirts and set your shipping address. You'll also be able to add extra licenses, swag, icons, or anything else we offered during the Kickstarter. This will be the last time you'll be able to get Pro at just $20 (it's going up to $40 immediately after).


Many of you have been requesting invoices. For us to handle each one of these by hand it would take a very, very long time. Instead, we'll be handling them through your account, which you'll receive an invite for when they're ready. You'll be able to set your address and print a PDF for your records.

Dropped Pledges

Some of you had your pledge fail, but have no fear! You'll still be able to get Font Awesome Pro and all rewards at the Kickstarter price. You'll get a Backerkit survey as well and will have the chance to update your payment method, including the ability to pay with PayPal! Account

In preparation for many of the super-cool extras you all earned from Stretch Goals, we're creating a special account just for you. Your account will start with the ability to print an invoice, see your pledge goodies, and connect to the private GitHub repo, but will eventually turn into the hub where you can participate in icon and category voting, use the Pro CDN, transfer or buy more licenses, and tons more.

After surveys have been finished, we'll send an invite to your email on record. We'll give you plenty of warning to be on the lookout!

Stretch Goals Timeline

After we deliver all original goals from the Kickstarter, we'll start in earnest on the Stretch Goals. As they are finished, new releases and features will trickle out. We're expecting to release something new just about each week.

Again, thank you all so much for your support. We're already hard at work and are excited to work with you all!

about 2 months ago – Tue, Dec 06, 2016 at 10:08:14 PM

As a heads up, Kickstarter takes a couple of weeks to collect pledges and get back to us with who the final backers are. We cannot give invoices until that's been finalized by Kickstarter.

We'll post another update once we can produce invoices. Stay tuned!

Thank you. Seriously.
about 2 months ago – Fri, Dec 02, 2016 at 11:20:05 PM

Dear Awesome Backers,

Wow...Just wow. Thanks to all of your incredible support, you reached every stretch goal we could think of! Again, we are just so humbled and amazed and thankful for your support.

Just to summarize, Pro backers will be getting, at minimum:

  • 675 FA Free icons (redesigned on 16px grid)
  • 1000 Pro icons (originally included with Pro)
  • 6 icon category packs (originally included with Pro)
  • 46 additional icon packs (earned through stretch goals, includes 10 icons in Free + 20 more in Pro)
  • 4 sponsored premium icon packs (includes 20 in Free + 30 more in Pro)
  • 83 commissioned icons (to be included in Free + Pro)
  • 69 new company logo icons (sponsored, in Free + Pro)
  • 600 Duotone icons (Pro only)
  • Additional thin style icon set (Pro only)
  • "Designing an Awesome Icon Set" eBook
  • Design plug-ins for Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop (Pro only)
  • Icon subsetter tool (Pro only)
  • iOS + Android support (added to FA Free + Pro)
  • Font Awesome Pro CDN (one year free)
  • Font Awesome Community forum 
  • JS Component Packages for React, Angular, Ember.js, and Vue.js (added to FA Free + Pro)
  • SVG Framework (added to FA Free + Pro)

Whew! (Did I miss anything?) This is quite a task list that we have in front of us. We can't wait to get started!


Like we said, our top priority is to deliver the original Pro set by May of 2017 (if not earlier). We'll be working on a rough timeline next week for delivering the rest of your stretch goals, so please keep an eye out for that update.


Once all of the Kickstarter processing clears, we'll be sending out email surveys via Backerkit to sort through all of your license/mug/t-shirt preferences, so definitely keep an eye out for that as well. (In the meantime, please make sure that your email is updated in your Kickstarter account)

Repo Access

Stay tuned for info about getting access to our Github repo until we get the Font Awesome Community tools up and running. We look forward to hearing all of your ideas and feedback as we're building Pro.

Thank you all again! Time to get started.

-Dave, Travis, Rob, & Brian