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Font Awesome 5
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35,550 backers pledged $1,076,960.14 on Kickstarter

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$1,076,960.14 / 35,550 backers
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$112,997.00 / 37,514 backers

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New 16px Grid System

  • New 16px base size (same as Bootstrap 4 base font size)
  • Every icon on new grid system for consistency throughout the set 
  • Better readability at smallest size
  • More consistent visual design
  • No font descender for easier vertical positioning

Brand New CSS

  • Easier stacking - Flexbox to the rescue!
  • More & re-designed animations
  • All CSS from scratch!









  • Our T-shirts will be softest and snuggliest, made from the finest American Apparel model 2001 Fine Jersey Crew Crewneck Tees. You'll never want to take them off. But you probably should at some point. Just sayin'.
  • For our mugs, we're partnering with the revered Emalco. Their enamelware is made using a centuries-old process where powdered glass and pigment is fired at 1500°F and fused onto a steel substrate. This creates gorgeous and insanely durable mugs with a dash of unique character. Your $30 Font Awesome mug might just outlast us all. 
  • Final designs will be chosen by our backer community.



Funded!!! We’ll add our most-awesome Pro-only code features (but not the Pro icons) to Font Awesome Free! That means we’ll open source our super-awesome SVG Framework AND we’ll make all of our JavaScript component packages available as well! More sprinkles for everyone!

Funded! For React, Angular, Ember.js, and Vue.js, we’ll make framework-native JavaScript components installable through your favorite package manager (npm, yarn) for FA Pro. Free for all of our Pro backers!

Funded! All Pro backers get exclusive, permanent access to the Font Awesome Community, which we're building from scratch. We'll be including user forums, voting, and more! Help decide which icons go into Font Awesome 5 AND show off your site, discuss ideas, and get help with Font Awesome from the community!

Funded! We're expanding the Duotone icon set to 600 icons. That's basically the current size of all of Font Awesome Free!

AND everyone ordering T-shirts and mugs will get three styles to choose from (instead of just one) AND we'll also throw in limited-edition, exclusive Font Awesome 5 sticker sheets AND magnets!

Funded! Just like Font Awesome CDN, we'll make it easy to serve up Font Awesome Pro with our CDN. No files to mess with. AND you'll be able to load just the icon packs your site uses to keep your pages slim and speedy. We're giving all Pro backers a year of the service!

Funded! We'll make it easy to use Font Awesome Pro in your iOS or Android app. Free for all of our Pro backers. AND we'll open source iOS and Android support for Font Awesome Free as well!

Funded! Font Awesome already includes a solid and outlined style for nearly every icon. If we hit $400k, we'll add an additional style that's a lighter weight of our outlined icons. Free for all of our Pro Backers!

Funded! We'll include a desktop tool that allows you to create your own custom package of Font Awesome Pro! You'll easily be able to assemble just the icons you need to keep your site blazing fast! Free for all of our Pro backers!

Funded! We'll include basic SVG files for free in Font Awesome 5 Free! This won't include any of our SVG framework magic, but should make using Font Awesome Free easier on the desktop and for folks who love SVG!

Funded! We'll make it easy to use Font Awesome Pro in some of your favorite design tools, like Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Free for all of our Pro backers!

Funded! While creating Font Awesome 5, we'll be writing and blogging about our process. At the end, we'll assemble all the articles into an eBook and distribute for free to all of our Pro backers!

Funded! For the top 200 icons in Font Awesome, we'll create an exclusive duotone icon set for our Pro backers! Same Font Awesome ease of use, super-cool duotone effects!

46 Icon Packs Funded! For every icon category pack, we'll add 10 more icons to Font Awesome Free and another 30 more icons to Font Awesome Pro. These icon packs are available for free for all Pro backers, but will cost $10 each after the Kickstarter. Support now and save!


Personal / Small Business License

  • Covers individuals or small businesses with up to 100 employees.
  • License follows the person or business.
  • If the project is for personal use, the person should have a license. If the project is for a business, the business should have a license.
  • Use on as many projects (web app/site, iOS app, etc.) as you like.
  • Don’t use in a theme or re-distribute.
  • License is transferable.
  • For greater than 100 employees, buy multiple small business licenses. Enterprise licenses are available for up to 3,000 employees (see below).

Student / Non-Profit License

  • Covers individual students for personal projects OR non-profit organizations of any size.
  • Use on as many projects (web app/site, iOS app, etc.) as you like.
  • Don’t use in a theme or re-distribute.
  • License is transferable.

Enterprise / Company License

  • Covers companies up to 3,000 employees.
  • License follows the company. If the project is for personal use, the person should have a license. If the project is for a company, the company should have a license.
  • Use on as many projects (web app/site, iOS app, etc.) as you like.
  • Don’t use in a theme or re-distribute.
  • For greater than 3,000 employees, buy multiple enterprise licenses.

Theme License

  • Allows use in a single theme that you can re-sell. For multiple themes, buy multiple licenses.
  • Cannot re-distribute Font Awesome Pro except embedded in your theme.
  • Grants a single personal / small business license for theme buyer to use Font Awesome Pro as a part of your theme (not outside).


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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Alpha Release + Timeline
5 days ago – Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 12:36:28 AM


First up, we’d like to apologize. We’re a small team of 4, and we’ve been trying to find the right balance between interacting with the community and getting work done. If we spend too much time talking to folks, we don’t get as much done, and vice versa. We fear we haven’t communicated enough, so we’ll be spending more time keeping you all informed and getting your thoughts. Stay tuned.

Missing Your Invite?

If you’ve placed an order for Font Awesome Pro, you should have already received an invite for your account. If you have not, drop us an email at and we’ll get you sorted.

Today’s Alpha Release

We’ve been hard at work on a completely rewritten build system for Font Awesome 5. This means we should be able to crank out future releases much faster and with much less effort. And the icons are the best we’ve ever made — truly better design, better consistency, and better readability. And honestly, Pro is turning out better than I’d ever imagined. The all-new SVG framwork is crazy simple to use and it just works. You get all the power of SVG with none of the hassle. But we know it’s not perfect yet, and we’d love your feedback.

Today’s release includes:

  • 296 new icons for a total of 929 icons
  • SVG framework, webfont framework, and SVG sprites
  • Brand new documentation to get you going
  • 5 brand icons (the rest coming very shortly!)
  • And don't forget this release's official discussion thread.

How to get today’s release:

  • After you’ve backed/pre-ordered, make sure you’ve completed your account registration. Never saw the invite? Email us at and we’ll help out.
  • Connect your GitHub account to get access to the Font Awesome Pro private repo.
  • Download!
  • Check out the for full instructions.

Also, don’t forget about the official discussion thread for this update (you’ll need private repo access mentioned above).

Upcoming First Beta Release

Our first beta release with be 5.0-beta1 and will be available in the private repo as well as directly downloadable from your account. It will include:

  • All web frameworks for using Font Awesome Pro — new SVG framework, rewritten webfont framework, and new SVG sprites.
  • Full documentation for using Font Awesome Pro.
  • All existing brand icons and as many sponsored brand icons as we can finish.
  • As many existing FA4 icons re-designed for Pro as we can finish.
  • This is still a beta, and there’s a chance we’d need to make breaking changes before releasing 5.0.0 proper.

Given the remaining work making all the icons, we’re expecting late July for the second beta release.

Mugs & Shirts

We sent out a large batch of replacement mugs (and a few shirts) recently. Soon, we won’t be able to address any issues folks have, so make sure to drop us an email at if you have an issue.


If you need help with anything or have any questions at all, please contact us at It's the best place to get in touch!

336 New Icons & Updated Release Date
about 2 months ago – Sat, May 13, 2017 at 12:20:48 AM

Hey again lovely Kickstarter Backers! We've been hard at work cranking away on icons and everything else in between. We wanted to update you on a few things.

Release Date

Sometime near the end of May, we'll be releasing the first Font Awesome 5 alpha. This will ONLY be available to our backers and we'll keep you posted on how to get your hands on it when the time comes.

Alpha release includes:

  • Alpha SVG framework. You'll be able to use Font Awesome icons exactly the same way you do now, but it'll be all schmancy SVG.
  • Traditional Font Awesome font files and CSS framework.
  • Full documentation to start using FA5.
  • As many icons as we can possibly get done between now and then.

Early this month, we came to grips with the fact that Font Awesome 5 won't be completely finished in time for the May date we committed to in the Kickstarter. In spite of working as hard as we've been able, the reality of the overwhelmingly popular Kickstarter has come to bear. We've spent a considerable amount of unplanned time on international shipping issues, broken and inconsistent quality mugs, logistics of so very many physical goods, and overall the tremendous size of this project.

We hate to do it, but this means we have to push the full release date out a month to the end of June. We're going to do everything we possibly can to have everything by then. We're really sorry about this and hate that it's necessary.

Mugs & Shirts

All mugs and shirts should have been shipped your direction. If you've not received it, make sure to contact us at so we can help out.

For folks that had issues with their mugs or shirts, we'll be doing another round of shipments a bit after the May 15th survey response cutoff. Hopefully we can get everyone sorted.

Speaking of which, if you had physical goods with your Kickstarter rewards, you must must must complete your BackerKit survey by May 15th. After that, we can't guarantee anything. We wish we could extend that forever, but we don't have the resources and it really slows down how quickly we can make frameworks and icons. :)

336 New Icons!


If you need help with anything or have any questions at all, please contact us at It's the best place to get in touch!

Repo Update & Swag Survey Cutoff
about 2 months ago – Wed, May 03, 2017 at 01:09:17 AM

Swag Survey Cutoff

BackerKit does a great job sending lots of emails to get you to complete your surveys. So if you ordered a shirt or mug, please please please fill it out! Otherwise, we have no idea where to send your swag. :)

Sadly, we aren't fulfillment shop. That means it's a lot of effort each time we send out physical goods. That's time that could be spent designing more icons. So we have to cut things off. This means that May 15 is the last day to respond to your BackerKit survey to receive shirts or mugs you've already paid for. Please answer your surveys! If you have not received or cannot find your survey, check out BackerKit help for Font Awesome Pro.

Repo Update!

  • 132 icons added for a total of 267 in the repo. Each icon now comes in all 3 styles. 
  • We've added HTML documentation for browsing all the icons and font files for testing things out. These are NOT designed for production, but feel free to play around. 
  • New YAML Files for Icon and Category definitions. Basically the spec for what these documents will look like, but they're not final or up to date at all. 
  • SVG framework has been prototyped and we're really excited about it. Expect something very preliminary in the next few weeks. 
  • Please add your feedback to the official discussion thread for this update (private repo access needed).
  • If that link above isn't working for you, complete your Font Awesome account registration. Then connect your GitHub account to get access to the private repo.


If you need help with anything or have any questions at all, please contact us at It's the best place to get in touch!

Icon Update, Mugs, & Sponsored Icons
2 months ago – Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 12:51:07 AM

New Icons Added to Repo

We've just added a fresh batch of icons to the Font-Awesome-Pro repo. It's the first look at the 3 styles -- solid, outline, and thin outlined, for a total of about 150 icons to take a look at. In font parlance, solid is the traditional Font Awesome style and will be mapped to a font weight of 900. Outline will be known as "Regular" with a weight of 400, and thin outlined will be known as "Light" with a weight of 300. We started with these icons across styles in order to set the visual tone for all of FA5. This gives us a great foundation to really start cranking on the rest of the icons.

To get access to these icons, you'll need to finish your Font Awesome account and connect your GitHub account. If you can't find the invite email, you can contact us at We'll see if we can help.

Want to give feedback on the 4/18 update? Make sure to check out the official issue thread.


Almost all mugs have been shipped at this point, with the exception of multiple mug orders. Those will ship out Friday. Some folks have had issues with their mugs, which we're working to fix. If you've received yours and are noticing issues we've identified in the past, drop us a note at and we'll see what we can do to help.

Sponsored Icon Categories, Logos, & Commissioned Icons

Over the next few days, we'll be sending out surveys and getting in touch with folks who sponsored icon categories, logos, and commissioned icons. We'll get going with next steps to get things added to Font Awesome 5.


We know many of you are super-excited about Font Awesome 5, which makes us super-excited as well. We're hard at work delivering, so we ask for patience in the meantime. We're here if you need any help with an order or your swag, but we'll have limited time around the repo issues until we get the first version out. We hope you all understand!


If you need help with anything or have any questions at all, please contact us at It's the best place to get in touch!

Swag Sharing + Mug Mishaps
3 months ago – Tue, Apr 04, 2017 at 11:31:10 PM

Happy Tuesday, Backers!

It looks like many of you have received your shirts, stickers, magnets, and mugs. For those of you still waiting, we're prepping and getting the last shipments now, so hang tight! Thanks to everyone who's tweeted or shared their swag - the team loves seeing how you're using your stickers, rocking your shirts, and what you're filling your mugs with. :)

Speaking of mugs, we've also noticed that some of the enamel mugs have arrived in less than perfect condition. We expected the rims and handles of the mugs to have some variance, as those are intentionally hand painted to give them a dash of uniqueness. But, it looks like some mugs are suffering from the following:

  • paint chipping
  • misalignment of graphics
  • bare metal 
  • visible hard sharp edges (coffee shouldn't bite back, well, that much)

That's "no bueno" and not acceptable to us. We want you to be as proud of your mug as we are of all of your support. So, if you have a mug with one or more of the conditions above, here's what to do:

1. Take photos of the mug that show the issue and even the box itself (in case there are shipping issues we need to fix)

2. Email us the photos at and make sure to include your name and email address you provided to Kickstarter/Backerkit. 

3. Hang tight while we talk to our supplier and shippers to get things rectified - we'll be getting back to you directly about next steps.

Thanks for your patience and continued support through the project. We're hoping to make everything awesome, with your help.